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Now it will help in making UNICODE based Odia text contents. Great effort.

Prafulla Sahoo


New Release
Released Lekha ODIA Keyboard Manager for Windows XP OS and above for FREE usage.
New Tool Release
Released ODIA OCR for Windows XP OS and above.
New Tool Released
Complete version of English to Odia Dictionary is released.


About us

To promote our Odia Language tools and fonts to all users.

Being native of Odisha, we realize the problems of Odia tools and fonts. Even if these are available these are not affordable due to their high cost. Besides, the Odia tools and fonts developed by non-odia professionals are not adequate and proper. Always there is some problems. Even there is no support in WindowsXP to type in Odia and in latest OS there are problems in features of Odia language. The aesthetic aspect of Odia characters have not been taken into consideration by non-odia professionals as Odia is not their mother tongue. So they are unable to understand the aesthetic view and strokes of Odia characters. Keeping this view in mind, we are committed to provide you with the best Odia tools and fonts, which we have achieved through our vast experience.


Suratha has contributed English to Odia dictionary text and it is available through this site. He is more interested in Odia Language. Presently he is contributing articles in Odia Wikipedia and doing translation of some spiritual/life changing hindi books published by Tej Gyan Foundation, Pune.


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