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New Release
Released Lekha ODIA Keyboard Manager for Windows XP OS and above for FREE usage.
New Tool Release
Released ODIA OCR for Windows XP OS and above.
New Tool Released
Complete version of English to Odia Dictionary is released.


Download Odia tools

LEKHA ODIA Keyboard manager (New)
LEKHA ODIA keyboard Manager provides a complete state-of-art multilingual solution for creating quality text content for web publishing as well as for conventional desktop publishing applications. Compatible with all major Windows based applications like CorelDraw, PhotoShop, Dreamweaver, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, Skype, all Internet browsers.

Documents, Tutorials, FAQs etc.

For Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

It is a flash based Odia text editor with only typing features. No installation is required to run the application. Just open the application and start typing in UNICODE Odia text through this text editor. It has Inscript keyboard and Phonetic keyboard option to type. User can select all text, copy typed Odia text from this editor and paste in any application. See Online OdiaPad.

For all Windows OS

ODIA OCR (Beta version)
It is a free Odia Optical Character Recognition Software for Windows and supports scanned Odia image files. ODIAOCR outputs plain text and can copy to any text editor. ODIAOCR uses the latest Tesseract OCR engine. It is very simple to use and supports scanned .jpg images.

For Windows VISTA, Windows 7 and above

English to Odia Dictionary is a most required tool for all Odia users. Using this tool you can find the meaning of words instantly in Odia language. This dictionary has more than eighty thousand words. You can add your frequently used new words and meaning also so that it will available later through website for other users. Install DOT-NET framework 3.5 before installing this tool.

For Windows VISTA, Windows 7 and above

It will help to add Odia UNICODE text inputting online. Download file which has English, Odia phonetic and Odia Inscript keyboard for your website. We are providing technical solutions also to include in your sites so that you can make more Odia websites which can searchable through any search engines. It is FREE but use as per our terms and conditions. See in sample page.

Documents, Tutorials, FAQs etc.

Free* for non-commercial use.

It is specially designed for only Odia language users to practise typing with Inscript (Indian standard) Keyboard. After learning this, user can type any Indian language easily through computer. It has two options to practice typing. Through Practice module user can know which character should be typed through which fingure and through Test module, user can see his/her speed and accuracy of typing.

For Windows VISTA, Windows 7 and above

ODIA LIKHAN (available soon)
It is a vector-based tool to compose decorative and colorful titles in English and Odia script for a wide range of applications. The package provides highly decorative characters in different color combinations to enhance the aesthetic experience making it a must for typographers and graphic designers.

Documents, Tutorials, FAQs etc.

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