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Odia Opentype UNICODE  Jagannatha font
Download this font and use it FREE. You can use it in your commercial and non-commercial purpose under the SIL Open Font License 1.1.  There is no restrictions in the font. It is supporting PDF embedding also. Font was designed in 1995 and released with tool in 2000 for public use. Designed by Sujata S. Patel.

About Jagannatha font 

Free* for commercial and non-commercial use.

It will help to make Odia websites in UNICODE standard. Download file which consists of EOT and Opentype font for windows XP and above. We are providing technical solutions also to include in your sites so that you can make more Odia websites which can searchable through any search engines. See sample page.

Documents, Tutorials, FAQs etc.

Free* for non-commercial use.