Inscript Mode Typing - Guidelines:

Shift and without SHIFT Key - Inscript Keyboard Layout:

How to type through Inscript keyboard layout:
It is a Indian standard keyboard layout for typing all Indian languages. Everybody suggests to follow this keyboard, because if a user learns this, he/she can type the characters of any Indian language with the help of it.

Typing normal characters:
When you type in a normal way, the normal non-aspirated letters and Matras will appear. But if you press the shift key and type, the aspirated letters and vowel letters will appear.

Odia Characters:

For typing words we need to know how to write these:

  • Vowels:
  • Consonants:
  • Matras:
  • Numbers and extra symbols:

  • Nukta:
  • Anuswar:
  • Chandrabindu:
  • Visarg:
  • Viram:
  • Special Sign:

    These characters are available using Shft+3 and Shft+7 respectively when switch (Ex. Caps lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock) is off.
  • Halant:
  • Rakar:
  • Reph:
  • Conjuncts:

    Following conjuncts are most frequently used in Odia languages.